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Who out there has gotten attacked by the virus A survey we sent out showed that up to 75% of potential leads was familiar with this virus. It is a program that promised to clean your computer but in reality trashed it. Unfortunately, too many extensions in Photoshop make that same promise and follow up by being trash. We here at source want to take the soiled name of “cleaner” and turn it into a good thing! So we have made a program that will truly clean out a PSD in a variety of ways.

Why is this necessary? PSDs are not the perfect file type, no matter what Adobe says. In reality their file format will actually carry a lot of unwanted from previous edits, versions, and alterations. This means that the file will continue to grow in size until when it becomes time to use the image, it is too large to handle. In this same manner, you will find that things like unused resources of the image actually often cause crashes due to “failure to resolve” errors. Photoshop is unable to draw pixels that are not stored on the canvas and the computer ends up having to store the data in the processor’s L3 cache. You can avoid this by cleaning the image with Tier 1 software.

What is PSDCleaner?

PSD Cleaner is a plug-in used to enhance the functionality of Photoshop, prevent L3 cache crashes, and enhance the reliability of the photos you make while also reducing the file size. It is developed by Source and we constantly update it. We have been asked, “why does a desinger need to add PSD Cleaner to Photoshop?” In a simple response, “there are different problems occur during the either designing or editing. One problem is Layer handling and image management. PSD Cleaner is the only tool built for Photoshop to handle the layers and correct these crashes”.

What are the functions?

It automatically scans your created PSD to find out error creating layers. And you can easily fix these layers. This plug-in will always you to know what's wrong and your PSD will always be clean and error free.

From one simple panel, users can sort out unnamed layers, recreate Photoshop effects in CSS, delete empty layers, and many more functions that are below:

• Naming the un-named layers:

PSD Cleaner automatically locates the unnamed layer present in your PSD and you can easily give them names by the panel in the plug-in.

• Fix CSS incompatible layers:

There are some issues appears in CSS when coding the Photoshop effects, you can easily find them in your PSD and fix them.

• Clear all unused layers:

You can easily get rid of all unused and un-necessary layer with just a few clicks.

• Locate out of canvas layers:

PSD Cleaner plug-in easily locates out of canvas time consuming layers and remove or get rid of them. You don’t have to search manually.

Ordering Information

As final words, PSD Cleaner provides an easier way to get rid of un-necessary things without doing any over-whelming tasks that would take hours to go pixel by pixel manually. It is very good tool which make it easy to edit, re-touch, and recreate graphics designs. The people who would benefit most from our software are businesses with emphasis on remarketing campaigns. What these clients often do is make a detailed marketing campaign, and want to rerun it annually. However, this requires changing dates, altering the images, changing text, but otherwise you can use the same PSD from last year. When you make these changes, the image becomes so layer convoluted and so polluted with lost pixels that you may find your computer crashing, the file becoming corrupt, and all of your hard work lost if you do not clean the file periodically.

If you are interested in ordering, you can feel free to contact us at and truly begin to enhance your productivity.