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Wiki Tec Product Placement

This is a hosted platform for a variety of product guides making it easy to launch, update, and manage the product to consumer communication. There are a variety of subscription options for both the product consumers and producers. The Product Consumers are able to sign up for email updates about product upgrades or recalls with absolutely no charge to them. This is perfect for managing anything from release notes to product revisions and provides a safe approach for the core of any email marketing strategy.

Furthermore, there is a wide variety of company subscription options. For a low flat rate of $39, a company can submit its product guide to the site which will allow them to keep in touch with their consumers. Additionally, a link back to the site will be provided which will allow the company to generate new leads through its product guide. For example, if a consumer searches for a product that you manufacture, ideally your page will show up and then afterwards your product guide will show up. This establishes an air of authority, of intelligent design, and of consumer support.

The higher tier is priced at $99 initially with a $5 monthly charge. This will allow for a custom written 1000-1500 word product guide to the safe use of your product. This article will be researched by our staff and may require a product sample. Edits can then be submitted to the writing department which are then handled by our team. This will contain 2 links to your sites, one to the company’s home page and another to the product page. As a whole, our wiki system is the absolute best way to connect you with your clients while providing them a familiar atmosphere with which they can interact comfortably. According to an estimated ~96% of web users are familiar with their interface. You can now build this level of authority and familiarity rapidly by contacting us.

To secure a place for your product guide, email and select either $39 or $99 service level.

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