How To Use The Reliant Carpet Cleaner

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There are many reasons to consider renting your own host dry carpet cleaning equipment. When it comes time for your carpets to be cleaned you have many options: you can go to a store and get a rug doctor, you can go to a professional cleaner such as a steam cleaner, you can use the most premium service called HOST dry carpet cleaning, or you can get the most premium service at the best price using HOST dry rental equipment.

If you have decided on the rental route, there are some basic instructions to follow. Now to use your rental equipment you need to begin by vacuuming your floors thoroughly. This includes two separate directions; going what we're going to call north and south as well as going east and west. These perpendicular cleanings will go a long way towards guaranteeing the long-term cleanliness of the carpet after cleaning. For most clients this is where they run into issues by not properly vacuuming the carpet prior to cleaning.

Additionally the next step is going to be spreading out a thin layer of the HOST Dry cleaning material over a carpeted region. The amounts for that would vary based on the traffic wear, the soiling, and condition of the carpet. Also it will vary based on the amount of cleanliness you desire. For example, if there is a very dark area you wish to become white or bright again you may begin by putting extra cleaning agent on there. Remember that the more cleaning agent you use the more expensive the job will cost you because there is a significant price on the individual cleaning agents.

Now that you have spread out the cleaning agent it's time to use the host reliant machine. This machine does an excellent job in spreading out and working in the cleaning agent that you want to use. However it is limited by its inability to recollect the spent cleaning agent. This means that after every cleaning cycle, you're going to need to vacuum. You may now repeat this process once twice or even three times until the carpet is as clean as you would like. If you realize that the cleaning agent is not being effective then you may have what is called a stain on your hands a stain requires completely different treatment protocol and to complete this task you're going to need a different cleaning machine.

Once the cleaning agent has been collected and you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the carpet you may now proceed to empty out the remaining cleaning agent from the Reliant. This is preparing it for return to the store. Remember that most rental agreements are only for 24 hours from the time of pickup therefore if you decide to keep it longer you may be charged extra money. This is not an easy task but the cleaning result will be astounding. Many people often compared the rental equipment to a $300 premium service from equivalent companies. If you have any questions along the way you may feel free to contact us through our website at