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Nowadays, every one of us needs to know how to edit a photo or image. So, in the world of built in image processors, the question arises why is Photoshop still the quintessential image editing and graphics designing tool? The truth is that Photoshop is the most powerful tool used for editing and is constantly updated and further developed by Adobe. Throughout it’s life, it has grown and now there are lots of versions available. Nearly every platform and OS can use it and the capabilities of the software have truly become a one-stop shop for images. With the modern capabilities, one can use Photoshop for photo retouching, changing backgrounds, creating graphics like logos, cards, brochure and a wide variety of other uses.

Now, if Photoshop is so good, what is the point of an extension? Well every software/application (like human beings) has some faults/missing things. For Photoshop, while it is a truly spectacular program, it has some missing features, faults, and drawbacks that will slow your productivity. Especially when you need to carry these files outside of the program itself. So, how can you enhance the functionality of Photoshop? In this situation, our team sat down together and brainstormed about the biggest weaknesses of the program. One of the most obvious ones that stands out is the weakness in taking a picture and preparing it for web deployment. It came to us discussing how we could take the world of photos and images and make a simple transition protocol with the web deployment world. And CSS Hat was the answer.

Why CSS Hat?

CSS Hat is the tool created by the developers for the people who work in Photoshop, to make it easy for people to deploy their images, banners, graphics, or gifs onto their website. CSS Hat is developed by our team and is supported by our company Source. It is a Photoshop plug-in that turns your Photoshop styles into usable CSS3 for your website. CSS Hat converts your Photoshop effects, like Gradient Overlay, Drop Shadow, and Inner/Outer Glow, into standard CSS syntax in only a few clicks.

CSS Hat provides a great solution of converting your PSD styles into CSS without getting into the CSS coding. After a few clicks, you got your CSS of your PSD what you have created in an easy and time-saving and efficient way. You don’t have to code your styles in CSS by hand you can get it by CSS Hat.


It provides different services like:

  • Layer styles in a click:

You got the perfect combination of your PSD style into CSS styles within a click. Like shadows, border, fonts and many other properties.

  • Dimensions:

You don’t have to use marquee tool more to measure the dimensions. CSS Hat can do it for you.

  • Multiple Layers:

Select Multiple Layers and have the CSS of all of those in no time and with different selectors.

  • Fonts

You don’t have to inspect each text layer manually and transform it into CSS by hand code. CSS Hat will do that for you automatically. Even if the layer has multiple font styles!

Ordering Information

As final words, I will say that I promise that CSS Hat provided a better solution of coding your CSS of the PSD’s without any tension and is error free. It saves time and your efforts while allowing you to spend more time developing your image rather than your coding. Your ability to code will not bring in new customers or make your site look better while a better image can make or break a site. If you are ready to purchase a product, you are more than welcome to contact us at sales@csshat.com.