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The Complete Guide On How to Use Atomic Raw Vaporizer Pen

If you are new to vaping then, the entire process can be very daunting, but worry no longer, by following this guide you can pick up any vaporizer pen and be vaping with confidence! To start using a vaporizer pen, there are three easy steps to follow. Almost every vape pen available online has the same basic functions and build with only minor differences. Good luck with vaping and we hope you enjoy the guide.

How to Start Using Your Vape Pen

• A vape pen is made up of several different parts. The battery or Mod is what powers it, this is usually rechargeable or has rechargeable batteries.

• The Clearomizer is where you put your e-liquid or e-juice and normally has clear windows to demonstrate how much liquid you have to remain.

• The Atomizer is screwed into the base inside the Clearomizer and is what heats the e-liquid to produce vapor.

• The Drip Tip is where you place your mouth to inhale the vapor.

Step One. Filling Your Dual or Single Coil Clearomizer

This is a very simple process, and you will be able to unscrew your Clearomizer, fill and replace and be vaping again within seconds.

• Unscrew the mouthpiece and Clearomizer from the Mod or battery.

• Choose your favorite e-liquid or e-juice.

• Fill to the recommended level, being careful not to flood or fill the center tube. The best technique is to angle your Clearomizer while you fill to avoid this.

• Screw this back together, allow to sit for several minutes and you are ready to vape.

Step Two. Using Your Vaporizer Pen

Now you have your vaporizer pen filled and ready to use the next part is easy.

• Turn on your vaporizer pen by pressing the button the desired amount of times, it is normally 3-5. Hold the button in while drawing in on the mouth piece, release the button and exhale.

• To turn it off, simply press the button 3-5 times again. This is a safety feature to prevent you accidentally switching it on.

• Allow your vaporizer to rest between draws for a minute to allow the e-liquid or e-juice to fill back into your Atomizer.

Step Three. Charging Your Vaporizer Pen

• Remove the Mod from the Clearomizer.

• Plug it into your charging device and wait until the unit flashes or changes color to indicate that it is ready.

• Most beginner’s vaporizer pens come with two Mods or batteries so you will always have one ready to go.

That is all there is to it; you are ready to go. Your Atomizer will need to be replaced based on the manufacturers recommendations. Happy vaping and with any questions please feel free to contact for help.


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